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Hartwig Medical Foundation

The mission of Hartwig Medical Foundation is to improve the care of cancer patients by facilitating personalised treatment and by stimulating research using systematic cancer genome analyses. In order to accomplish that every cancer patient receives the most suitable and effective treatment. Hartwig Medical Foundation analyses tumour biopsies by whole genome sequencing, processes this data using state of the art bioinformatics tools and returns actionable information to the treating specialist. In addition, genetic data is combined with clinical and treatment data for the largest database world wide of whole genome sequenced metastatic cancer patients and made available for research.

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The Hyve

The Hyve is an innovative, international IT company, employing software developers, solutions architects and data engineers. We are dedicated to delivering solutions that support scientists in life sciences and healthcare R&D using open source software, open data and open standards. Our vision is to enhance the quality and impact of biomedical research by providing tailored informatics solutions.  

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Roche Foundation Medicine

Together Roche and Foundation Medicine are bringing comprehensive genomic profiling to cancer patients around the world, combining Roche’s expertise and commitment in oncology and Foundation Medicine’s leading technology, validation and experience in cancer profiling.
Comprehensive genomic profiling is a tumour testing method that utilizes next generation sequencing technology to identify all four classes of alterations across a large set of cancer-related genes known to drive cancer across tumour types. Comprehensive genomic profiling is a ‘pan-tumour’ approach, or applicable for use across any type of cancer.

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iVention provides an innovative Single Informatics Platform that allows laboratories, Biobanks and research institutions to unlock real-time information, ensure data integrity and regulatory compliance, while saving time and cost by efficient process automation. Its powerful and flexible iLES Platform is 100% web based, affordable and can be easily deployed from the Cloud and used on any (mobile) device.

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Quaero Systems

Quaero Systems B.V. is a company that is specialized in Biobank and Research Information Management Systems. Our services and applications are developed using many years of experience within Health Care and Life Science logistics. This expertise is brought into action to provide future proof solutions to digitalize biobanks.

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Created by researchers, Castor EDC is a user-friendly cloud solution for capturing medical research data in clinical trials. The platform enables researchers to easily set up data capture forms, collaborate with colleagues, invite patients through questionnaires, and import, export and analyze their data in a secure, compliant cloud environment.

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A. Menarini Diagnostics

The Menarini group consists of pharmaceutical, over-the-counter medicines and diagnostic divisions, as well as several other divisions concerned with bio-medical assessment. The Benelux organization is now established as one of the fastest growing Diagnostics companies in the Benelux with over 15% annual growth. The company has achieved such a growth emphasizing the promotion of leading products, as well as integrating high quality service with technical support in the markets of Clinical Chemistry ( Human and Veterinary), the Immuno Histochemistry, Auto Immune and Hematology segments. We are market leader in HbA1c and veterinary diagnostics. In addition we build a well-known name in Diabetes management mainly for the home testing market of diabetics.

The Menarini Diagnostics organization in the Benelux currently employs in two locations, Brussels and Valkenswaard, a staff of approx. 60 persons operating in sales, marketing and customer care. Menarini Diagnostics Benelux established and maintains a quality management system which meets the requirements of the standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. The company is always committed to an ongoing improvement of quality in all of its activities.

Our slogan remains: The Human Touch is our Point of Care!

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MRDM – Trusted Partner in Medical Data

MRDM are experts in data security & privacy. We source and process patient-identifying medical data of healthcare institutions, patients, and other data suppliers in The Netherlands and beyond. We turn this into information sets for personalized medicine, decision support, shared decision making, quality benchmarking and research.

We incorporate FAIR and personal health train principles into our services as much as possible.

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RSRCH enables researchers to do what they are good at: doing research. By offering the RSRCH Platform, a secure and digital research environment where researchers can collaborate with colleagues from inside and outside the organisation. At the same time, costs are reduced and it is made easier for organisations to meet applicable academic standards and laws and regulations.

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