Prevention session 2019

Individuals are given tailored tools to prevent disease development. 

Chaired by Alain van Gool (Radboudumc), the session comprised presentations by Irene van Langen (UMCG), Vincent Jaddoe (Erasmus MC) and Andre Dekker (Maastro Clinic)

Below, Vincent Jaddoe gives his view on Health-RI: 

Prof. Dr. Vincent Jaddoe, pediatrician and pediatric epidemiologist, ErasmusMC 

“If we can identify early-life stressors and link these to individual health trajectories, we have the opportunity to improve health across the full course of life. Health-RI can help identify the groups at risk of disease in the next few years. It can also help us unravel the pathways underlying disease,” says professor Jaddoe. He is looking into that in the Generation R program.  

Jaddoe believes Health-RI offers great possibilities for biobanks in the Netherlands to join forces. Together, these strong biobanks contain a unique collection of biological samples and data on clinical outcomes covering the entire life cycle. Through Health-RI, a unique collaboration between national and international research groups has already identified new genetic and epigenetic variants critical for developing good health and illness in childhood.  


Parallel session about Prevention, as one of the 4 Ps of P4 Health

17 January 2019