Abstract submission 2019

Health-RI 2019 is the perfect podium to share the latest research infrastructure developments and discuss your results and ideas on how to optimally prepare the Netherlands for implementation of personalized health and medicine for every Dutch citizen, from preconception to end of life.

Abstract submission guidelines

Submit your abstract below. Deadline for submission is December 17, 2018. Please remember to register here. Abstracts have a maximum length of 300 words. Authors will be informed about the acceptance of their abstract soon after the submission deadline has expired.

The poster & demonstration session will be accompanied by an informal walking lunch.

Share your expertise, experience and ideas. So, if you:

  • are a researcher that benefits from the research infrastructure for high quality research;
  • have a biobank, cohort, registry, dataset or other research collection that profits from an infrastructure;
  • have a biobank, cohort, registry, dataset or other research collection and run into obstacles, like for example the lack of an appropriate infrastructure or data policies;
  • are pursuing proper data stewardship to make research more transparent and FAIR;
  • are involved in quality and privacy aspects of data and samples (e.g. Helpdesk, ELSI = Ethical, Legal, Societal Implications);
  • developed IT-tools, technologies, and equipment that innovate data analyses;
  • have set up an infrastructure, network or consortium to improve aspects of personalized medicine and health;
  • are embedding a personalized medicine approach into healthcare;

then submit a short abstract below, explaining how your work can contribute or benefit from Health-RI’s mission by presenting your results.


Posters need to be printed in A0 format and portrait orientation.


Demonstrations provide researchers and developers with an exciting and interactive opportunity to present their tools, systems and prototypes. Demonstrations are based on an informal setting that encourages presenters and participants to engage in discussions about the presented work. This is an opportunity for the participants to disseminate practical results of their work and to network with other applied researchers or business partners. This option is exclusively available for participants coming from public organizations. Find our support & exhibition options here.


If you would like your abstract to be considered for a short 5 minute pitch during the plenary program, please indicate this in your application form. These abstracts will then be reviewed and selected by a committee. If your abstract has been selected for a pitch you will be notified.

For questions please contact us at: info@health-ri.org.

Abstract Submission

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