Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find some of our most commonly asked questions and answers that will explain more about Health-RI. If you have a question that is not listed, please feel free to contact us.  

1. What does Health-RI stand for?

Health-RI is an abbreviation of Health Research Infrastructure.

2. What is Health-RI?

Health-RI is a bottom-up data-infrastructure initiative aimed at facilitating FAIR data management and optimally supporting researchers in their personalized health & medicine research.

3. Why is Health-RI needed?

Innovations in research don’t make it to the clinic because high quality evidence and validation is often missing. Making existing and newly generated data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and thereby Reusable (FAIR) enables the delivery of this evidence. To make data FAIR, scientists need professional support. Health-RI delivers this support by offering access to data, tooling, ethical & legal and FAIR expertise.

4. What is the scope of Health-RI?

We focus on supporting research in the personalized health & medicine domain in the Netherlands.

5. What is the goal of Health-RI?

By delivering the research infrastructure for personalized health & medicine, Health-RI empowers researchers to perform excellent and effective research, ultimately impacting the life of citizens and patients.

6. What does Health-RI?

Health-RI develops and offers services to researchers on a national platform, and brings stakeholders together on shared research infrastructure related themes.

7. Who initiated Health-RI?

Health-RI is initiated by: The Dutch Techcenter for Lifesciences (DTL), Biobanking and BioMolecular resources Research Infrastructure The Netherlands (BBMRI-NL), The Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU), ELIXIR-NL, The Translational Research IT (TraIT) project (a Lygature platform), The European infrastructure for translational medicine The Netherlands (EATRIS-NL) and Top sector Life Sciences & Health (Health~Holland).

8. How does Health-RI relate to other infrastructures?

Besides the initiating organizations, Health-RI works closely together with key infrastructure organizations in the Netherlands, including SURF, IKNL, PALGA, NIVEL and many more.

9. What is the added value of Health-RI?

Health-RI is the single point of entry for researchers searching data and samples, support, tooling and expertise.

10. What is the scale of Health-RI?

Health-RI is a Dutch initiative, but works together with other countries on specific topics such as the Personal Health Train. Also, Health-RI is strongly connected to BBMRI-NL, ELIXIR-NL and EATRIS-NL, the Dutch nodes of European research infrastructure (EFSRI) programs.

11. Does Health-RI control data?

No, Health-RI does not generate, control or own biomaterials, medical images or medical data. In certain projects, the TraIT foundation, as part of Health-RI, does act as the Data Processor, meeting the required legal, customer and ICT-security requirements.

12. What is the legal status of Health-RI?

The Health-RI team is currently building the organizational and legal framework for Health-RI. Running Health-RI operations are part of existing (research and infrastructure) projects and operate under the jurisdiction of the project.

13. How is Health-RI governed?

Health-RI is transitioning to a formal governance structure as presented in our business plan. Health-RI is open and inclusive, and any organization can take a seat in our general assembly.