Abstract Book

Details of all the abstracts, presentations, workshops and demonstrations for the Health-RI conference 2019 can be found in the Abstract Book here.Further down below you will find a list of the seven selected posters that were orally presented (Poster Flashes, 10.15 - 11.00 hrs).

Poster Flashes

10.15 – 11.00 Short oral presentations of selected posters

Poster number in abstract book Title and Contact person

Towards a community-endorsed data steward profession description for Lifescience research

Contact person: Salome Scholtens


ppDLI - a privacy-preserving Distributed Learning Infrastructure

Contact person: Xander Verbeek


Imaging and Metabolomics in BBMRI

Contact person: Daniel Bos


Sustainable sample/data infrastructures: engaging stakeholders to move from challenges to solutions

Contact person: Rogier van der Stijl 


Setting the Personal Health Train on FHIR: a distributed Patient Cohort Counter for FAIR data exploration

Contact person: Ananya Choudhury


Accelerate your research with SURF Research Cloud

Contact person: Martin Brandt


BBMRI-NL Patient and Public Advisory Council

Contact person: Tieneke Schaaij-Visser