Sponsorship Opportunities

The Health-RI Conference offers the opportunity to companies, universities, UMCs, institutes, expertice centers and start-ups to present themselves to the research audience at the conference. We are expecting to welcome participants from the broader life science and health fields: scientists, medical doctors, engineers, students and entrepreneurs, varying from the pharmaceutical to the research and the medical field. The conference centres around the ambition to realise a connected infrastructure for personalised health and personalized medicine research. 

All conference sponsors benefit from logo visibility. As conference sponsor you company logo will be visible on:

  • The conference’s website (with hyperlink)
  • The sponsor slide in plenary sessions
  • The 'welcome' poster in the central hall of the conference venue
  • The conference programbook

In addition, we offer different sponsor packages with the following benefits:


-Company flyer at registration and information desk

Price: € 300.- excl. VAT


-Small booth space

-High table

-Electricity (230V/50Hz)

-1 person free attendance

Price: € 750.- excl. VAT 


-Large booth space

-Large table

-2 chairs

-Electricity (230V/50Hz)

-2 persons free attendance

Price: € 1,500.- excl. VAT 


-Large booth space

-Large table

-Logo visible in sidebanner conference website

-30 minutes presentation during lunch break

-2 chairs

-Electricity (230V/50Hz)

-3 persons free attendance

Price: € 3,500.- excl. VAT


-Banner in conference room

-1 person free attendance

Price: € 600.- excl. VAT 


In addition to the standard Sponsor packages, we also offer the opportunity to create custom made packages. Some suggestions:

- Sponsored lunch session

- Demo during lunch

- Combination of booth space and sponsored session

Don't hesitate and contact Femke Francissen to discuss your ideas. 

For more information please contact Femke Francissen, femke.francissen@dtls.nl