Participation in research session 2019

Public trust and societal involvement are crucial for the success of Health-RI.   

Chaired by Gerlof Valk (UMCU), the session comprised presentations by Peter Paul van Benthem (LUMC – Federation Medical Specialists), Lex Bouter (VUmc), and a discussion with fore-mentioned speakers and panelists Eric Vermeulen and Marieke Jansen, both Members of the Patient and Public Advisory Council of BBMRI-NL


Below in the interview report, Ineke Hazelzet - Member of BBMRI-NL Patient and Public Advisory Council - gives her view on Health-RI: 


Ineke Hazelzet, MA Med, member of the Patient and Public Advisory Council of BBMRI 

In BBMRI a Patient and Public Advisory Council (PPAC) was created. Hazelzet: “More involvement of healthcare users in research projects is important. Collaboration between representatives of all stakeholders on an equal basis is essential for valuable healthcare.”  

Hazelzet believes the council gives healthcare users the opportunity to make themselves heard and to share their perspectives and ideas on research projects.  “A healthcare user as a co-researcher in a research group within Health-RI adds to the quality of research. They can ask relevant research questions that help to include the user perspective.” Patients and healthcare users will benefit from the start. The PPAC will be incorporated into Health-RI.  


Parallel session about Participation in research, as one of the 4 Ps of P4 Health

17 January 2019