12 June 2018

Save the date: 4th Health-RI conference!

We are pleased to announce that the 4th Health-RI conference will be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on Thursday, January 17, 2019.

7 June 2018

Community meeting (SIG) working group on Safe Data Linkage

On June 15, the second community meeting of the Special Interest Group (SIG) working group on Safe Data Linkage takes place in Utrecht. 

28 May 2018

Meet us at the Benelux Precision Medicine Forum

It is an exciting time for healthcare. Many different parties work on the promise of a personalised approach to medicine. The strong life science industry across the Benelux countries needs to join forces to reach this goal to come to precision medicine. As such we are pleased to be a partner of...

25 May 2018

Hit the ground running in personalized medicine & health research

In its advisory report on Big Data in research involving personal data of May 15th, the KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) strongly advises academic researchers who work with personal data to collaborate with data specialists and legal and ethical experts.

17 May 2018

The next step in Health-RI

In 2018, Health-RI entered a new phase and builds an operational organization with a definitive governance in line with the businessplan. As part of this transition, the steering committee transferred the daily management and operations of Health-RI on to the managing board on May 3th 2018. The...

1 May 2018

DTL Focus meeting: Electronic Data Capture

On June 14, 2018, the NFU program Data4Lifesciences and the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences organise a workshop “Electronic Data Capture” in Utrecht.

12 April 2018

Major Investments in Netherlands X-Omics initiative

Integrating quantitative data from different pools of biological molecules (omics) is key to developing novel personalized health solutions. On April 12th 2018, the Netherlands X-Omics Initiative has been awarded a EUR 17 million infrastructure grant as part of the NWO call for Large Scale...

11 April 2018

UMCG summer course: Fundamentals of Biobanking and Cohort Research

UMCG organises its fifth summer course exploring the fundamentals of biobanking and cohort research on June 18-22, 2018.

4 April 2018

Article describes the importance of cohort studies in the post-GWAS era

A huge progress has been made in identifying genetic variants that modify individuals’ predisposition to common diseases. Unfortunately, the understanding of these genetic variants remains limited. In this article, opportunities for using large-scale cohort studies, to investigate the downstream...

30 March 2018

Lifestyle linked epigenetic differences found between higher and lower educated Dutch people

There are differences in DNA-methylation patterns on genes between higher and lower educated Dutch people that may be linked to lifestyle. This is the conclusion of research done by the Netherlands Twin Register of the Free University Amsterdam, together with researchers from the BBMRI-NL...

27 March 2018

Research infrastructure is key component in Dutch Research Roadmaps for health – strong investments needed

Now is the moment to invest heavily in order to solve the major societal challenges related to health. That is the key message across the three Research Roadmaps that have been presented to Ingrid van Engelshoven, Minister of Education, Culture and Science,  and Paul Blokhuis, State Secretary...

8 March 2018

PALGA Portal extended!

At the end of 2017, NWO approved the extension of BBMRI-NL 2.0 until the end of 2019. With that, the support for the PALGA Portal, the Dutch National Tissue Portal, is also extended, including the...