Vincent Jaddoe

Prevention session14.30-16.00


Dr. Jaddoe is a pediatrician and pediatric epidemiologist with a strong record in examining early-life determinants of cardiovascular risk across the life course. His research is focused on developmental programming of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity. He is principal investigator of the Generation R programme, which includes both the Generation R (10,000 children, born 2002-2006) and the Generation R Next (expected 5,000 children, born 2016-2019) cohorts. Dr. Jaddoe is also project coordinator of the Horizon2020 EU LifeCycle - Project: Early life stressors and lifecycle health, in which European, North-American and Australian data from pregnancy and child cohort studies are combined into the EU Child Cohort Network.  Dr Jaddoe has received various national and European grants. 

Biobanks in pregnancy and child cohort studies; Innovative Research on Healthy Start  

Early life is an important window of opportunity to improve health across the full life course. Pregnancy and child cohort studies offer a unique opportunity to identify a wide range of early life stressors linked with individual biological, developmental and health trajectory variations, and to the onset and evolution of non-communicable diseases. Prospective cohort studies from preconception or even preconception onwards with detailed phenotypical, imaging and biobank data enable studies on early-life mechanisms which program later-life health and disease. Results from these studies contribute to identification of groups at risk, underlying pathways and potential for prevention. Examples from studies in Generation R and in international collaboration child cohort networks will be discussed.

Presentation Vincent Jaddoe (PDF)